4KD Crick Brewery in Ohio,USA

helen 2017-12-06

4KD Crick Brewery in Ohio,USA

4KD crick brewery is our first set equipment in 2016 in USA,it is thankful for their brewer&Chef----Aaron Weible who brought new fortune for us in the beginning of 2016.Aaron is a very smart and knowledge guy,not only could cook the various delicious food,but also could brew beer,so big big chef and good good brewer.If you visit Defiance,please don’t forget to taste their beer and have a look their Eagle Rock Golf Club.

Let us learn 4KD crick brewery how to start microbrewery.We mostly communicated with each other through emails.At that time,Aaron stayed up late for discussing the brewery project with us,he went to sleep often at 1-2 am.His dream is that he could have a his own brewery one day and brew his own beer.We think that it was his enthusiasm supporting him for his dream and plan.Mr.Aaron knew a lot about beer equipment,and he knew what he needs.Adding his quick response,Maybe you can’t believe that we closed this deal&project using 7 days from our start beginning talking and end.Comparing with our previous nearly 3 years long running projects,we really appreciate with Aaron trust on us,and also admire his enthusiasm on his dream.

Brewhouse Unit  [MLT+KWT+400L HLT]  Electricity heating
3BBL Fermentation Tank/Unitank  [ 6 sets]
Glycol Chilling Unit  [1000L GWT + 2x3HP Chiller]
Controlling Unit [Floor type]
Portable CIP Pump
1/6 barrel kegs [D type spear  25sets]
1/2 barrel kegs [D type spear  25sets]

After confirming his configuration,we start to manufacture his equipment quickly.

Ready to loading and shipping to Ohio,USA

Arriving at 4KD crick brewery,Exciting!!! We have to admire Aaron ability and patience.He installed this brewery by himself.

After several weeks installation,4KD crick brewery opened !

400l brewing system 4kd crick brewery in ohio usa