15BBL Two Vessel Brewhouse Case in US

helen 2017-12-06

15BBL Two Vessel Brewhouse Case in US

Part 1:
Configuration of General introduction of this 15BBL beer equipment

The 15bbl brewhouse based on two vessel structure: Mash/lauter tun + Kettle/whirlpool tun and with double batch 30bbl HLT. The brewhouse with steam heating, just mean all of these three tanks equipped with steam jacket that could be heated directly to raise temperature. For brewing more various of beer types, it was equipped with 4pcs of single batch 15bbl jacketed fermenters; 4pcs of half batch 7bbl jacketed fermenters and 2pieces of 15bbl jacketed brite tanks.

Part 2:
The layout design

Part 3:
The Microbrewery Equipment manufactured in our workshop in 2016

Part 4:
The Microbrewery Equipment arrived its destination in Illinois of US

Part 5:
The Microbrewery Equipment finished installation

Welcome to Tiantai!

two vessel brewhouse 15bbl brewery equipment