Using accessories in brewing beer

helen 2017-09-22

Using accessories in brewing beer
Lots of people will use the accessories in beer brewing. Let’s have a look at the reason and guide line when using the accessories together.
Part one: The aim to use the accessories.
1. Lower the cost. We usually choose low price cereals with rich starch as accessories to improve the wort yield and lower the cost.
2. If there is a fluctuation in malt quality and price, we could keep the beer and wort quality stable by adjusting the proportion for malt and accessories.
3. If we choose sugar as accessories, the proportion of sugar to lower the beer tone and improve the fermentation degree.
4. The protein and polyphenol content of accessories is lower than malt, which is helpful for better the beer flavor and Non biological stability
5. High sugar, protein accessories could improve the foam.
Part two: the guide line in using accessories
1. Adding the accessories could lower the producing cost surely.
2. The accessories we add should be chosen according to the malt quality and beer type. Such as, if the malt enzyme is not vigorous, the suitable enzymic preparations is necessary.
3. Adding accessories couldn’t make the lauter difficult.
4. Adding accessories could benefit the beer quality, no bad smell, no bad influence for foam and color.
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