The calculation method for feeding ratio raw material

helen 2017-09-22

1.The ratio raw material:auxiliary material
Normally the ratio is 70% malt、30% rice;75% malt、25% rice; 65% malt、35% rice etc.
2.Mixed raw material leaching rate calculation
Mixed leaching rate=malt leaching rate X malt using amount(%)+auxiliary leaching amount X auxiliary using amount(%)
3.Mixed raw material calculation
According to wort production、wort gravity、raw material utilization rate and mixed material utilization rate, then we can calculate the mixed raw material amount.
Mixed raw material amount= wort production(L)X wort gravity X density X 0.96/
                        Raw material utilization rate X mixed raw material leaching rate
0.96 is 100℃ wort cooling to 20℃ volume reduction ratio
4.Then how to calculate the feeding amount
For example: Brewing one batch 12 plato wort 150HL, malt:rice ratio 70%:30%. Theory, the malt leaching rate is 70%(dry), the rice leaching rate is 82%, raw material utilization rate not below 98%. (12 plato wort density is 1.0484).
We get mixed raw material leaching rate is 70%X70%+30%X82%=73.6%.
Mixed raw material amount=150HLX12%X1.0484X0.96/98%X73.6%=2511.6KG.
The malt amount will be 2511.6X70%=1758.1KG.
The rice amount will be 2511.6X30%=753.5KG.
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