The demands for mashing process and brewhouse equipment

helen 2018-03-31

The demands for mashing process and brewhouse design 

1.The demands of mashing
Correct Goal: Beer quality reach national standard.
1)Better economic efficiency
2)Energy investment and saving measures
3)Necessary safe automatic control system
4)Comfortable working environment
5)Less cost on equipment maintenance
6)Working reliable
7)Lower environmental load- contamination possibility of water etc.
8)Equipment well maintained, smaller shell force
9)Stable quality
10)Lower oxygen content, less viscous material-lower temperature on heating surface
11)Higher flexibility
12)Lower heat load value
13)Complete files for searching faster
14)Important premise: Operator should love the work.

2.The demands of brewing brewhouse
1)Design and inspecting should conform national standard
2)Reasonable piping design, which able to transfer the mash and wort well.
3)Pump no cavitation sign-pump should locate below 0.5m of equipment lowest level
4)Use VFD controlled agitator
5)All the pump speed control should adopt VFD controlled motor
6)Bottom feeding
7)Lower oxygen intake when feeding and empty
8)Piping and accessories should conform sanitary demands
9)Valves and manifold must meet HACCP demands.
10)Mashing temperature should control between ±0.2℃ of setted temperature
11)Bottom heating for wort boiling, temperature should control between ±0.2℃ of setted temperature.
12)Grain rake operation should consider pressure difference and wort flow
13)Mashing time from feeding to wort into fermenter, the biggest time can not over 6 hours

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