Waterman Brewery in Oakland-10 bbl brewery

helen 2017-12-06

Waterman Brewery in Oakland-10 bbl brewery

Waterman Brewery is located Elk Grove, CA 95624. We were pleased to work with the owner Jeff in winter 2016. He heard us via Tim in Bent Bine Brewery. At that time, we just finished the design discussion with Bent Bine Brewery. It was also a relatively quick discussion with Jeff till finalize everything. The design of Waterman Brewery follows Bent Bine Brewery in Seattle.

Grain Milling Unit [300~500kg/hr]  
Flexible Auger  
Brewhouse Unit
[1200L MLT+1200L KWT+2400L HLT]"  
1200l Fermentation Tan with Carbonation port and stone  
1200L Bright Beer Tank  
600L Serving Tank  
Glycol Chilling Unit  
Controlling Unit [PLC brewhouse control panel, Cellar control panel]  
CIP Cart Unit   
Single Station Keg Filler  
Double Station Keg Rinser  
Wort hose 0f 1.5'  
40x1/6 barrel kegs, D valve  
60x1/2 barrel kegs, D valve

Brewery Manufacturing stage at Tiantai

Brewery Loading Day
As they need the fermenters urgently, we shipped the whole brewery with two times. The fermenters and brite tanks were quicker finished, so they were shipped to Jeff firstly. And the the brewhouse was shipped in around 3 months later.

Brewery Unloading Day

Brewery Installation Stage

Waterman Brewery OPENS!

10 bbl brewery equipment Waterman Brewery in Oakland