The influence for brewing about water treatment

helen 2017-05-03

The influence for brewing about water treatment

The water in the soften process with brewing water have to strengthen water quality testing. It only need to test the level of P and M. For monitoring the soften equipment working condition, there still need to pay attention on total hardness evaluation.

For the factory water with big composition change, it need to special careful control raw water and soften water quality. The equipment for removing hardness in lime water is difficult to suit the change on hardness; for ion exchange equipment, CO2 degassing tower has the function to equal the water quality. The brewing water change from hard water to soften water, for example, residual alkalinity from 1.783mmol/L hard water to 0.1783~0.3566mmol/L soften water, due to the water quality change lead to the beer inner quality change.

The beer brewed with water after soften have light color, suitable mouth feel, but sometimes also uncomfortable and lack of mellow feeling. Due to the wort with lower PH, it lead to α with lower solubility, it give people lower hops bitterness. So it would be better to test bitterness with small fermenting until the testing result close to product value, then confirm the add hops volume. In most situation need to add hops consumption, above need to add 10%. If we brew light storage beer with soften water or malt beer, it is suitable to use strong malt smell, color at 3.5EBC to change 3.0EBC malt, then can get good effect. Adopt water treatment, the protein break well, faster wort filter, high saccharification yield, ideal PH, fullly protein agglutination, also with final fermentation. The wort color is lower, it is because the suitable composition of polyphenols, there only few material sparged in the wheat.

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