The basic requirement for brewing water standard

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 The basic requirement for brewing water standard

Terms requirement Mark
Color colourless The water with color can’t be used for brewing
Diaphaneity Bright,no sediment It will influence the wort and beer bright level
Smell No smell The water with smell can’t be used for brewing,or it will influence the beer taste
Total hardness <6.24mmol/L It is up to the residual alkali RA value
Non-Carbonate /Carbonate hardness   (2.5-3.0):1
Ca+/Mg2+ hardness   >3:1
RA value -0.89-1.79mmol/L Brewmaster prefer minus value
Na+ <=75mg/L  
Fe3+ <0.05mg/L If its content>0.1mg/L,it will has side influence.
Mn2+ <0.03mg/L  
Sio2(Silicate) <20mg/L  
Cl- <200mg/L  
  Sulfate ion <300mg/L  
NO3- <25mg/L  
The different beer has different request for the residual alkali RA value.residual alkali RA value is important on the brewing
water quality.So residual alkali RA value is a key factor.
Different beer request for RA value as below

Various beer request for RA value
Light color beer RA<=0.89mmol/L
Deep color beer RA>0.89mmol/L
Dark color beer RA>1.78mmol/L

The analysis of brewing water using for World famous beer for example
Total hardness(mmol/L) 2.64 0.29 7.31 6.88
Carbonate hardness(mmol/L) 2.53 0.23 3.00 5.51
No-Carbonate hardness(mmol/L) 0.11 0.05 4.37 1.37
Ca+ hardness(mmol/L) 1.89 0.18 6.54 4.07
Mg2+ hardness(mmol/L) 0.75 0.11 0.82 2.82
RA(mmol/L) 1.89 0.16 1.02 3.94
Sulfate ion(mg/L) 9.0 5.2 290 216
Cl-(mg/L) 1.6 5.0 107 39
Whether the water is suitable or not for brewing,it is up to RA value.Other request is that,the Ca2+ should be 40-50mg/L at
least,equal to 1.07-1.25mmol/ has it is important for avoiding beer flowing well caused by the oxalate.Besides,it requires brewing water
ratio of Ca2+ and Mg2+>3:1.If the Mg2+ has high ratio,it could make the beer taste more bitter.So usually the brewing
water Mg2+ hardness<=0.89mmol/L.
So when do the water treatment,it should be done according to your own beer type for treatment,to avoid any waste.
So it is should consider right soft water treatment or RO treatment
1)One is the Water Softener Plant,this kind of machine could mainly remove the Ca2+,Mg2+ the raw water.
as you know,the content of the Ca2+,Mg2+ could have a certain influnce on the PH value of the wort and beer .
especialy the ratio of the  Ca2+ to the Mg2+ in the water should be appropriate.
these ion could influnce the color and flavour etc.during the brewing process.
2)The other kind of the water-treatment plant is the REVERSE OSMOSIS(short name :RO).
this machine could  remove all the ion in the water  completely,and even also could remove the organic matter,bacteria etc.
at last,using this kind of machine,we could get a low saltness water.
As you know,various kind of beer depends on the salt content differently.such as the pale lager need a low saltness water.
so it is better to use the suitable water treatment plan to get the right water for the beer brewing.
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