Spent grain draining methods

helen 2017-06-23

Spent grain draining methods

After lauter, the spent grain needs to be drained out. For the small lauter tun like below 3000L, above 1000L, we normally recommend the ‘plow or sweeper’ mounted on the rake. The sweeper is made of silicone and it can be lifted manually with a steel handle or chain. During the lauter, we lift it up to not effect the filter bed. After finishing the filtration, we drop the sweeper down and start the lauter motor. Then the sweeper rotate with the motor rake and thus push and sweep the spent grain out.
Please check the attached pictures two know the two kinds of 'sweeper' on the rake:

For the more easier grain outlet, it is the bottom draining. Please check the picture below. It is recommended to be used in bigger volume like above 3500L.

Is there any draining way that you prefer?

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Sales manager

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