How to clean brewery pipeline

helen 2017-06-10

How to clean brewery pipeline

In a brewery, the pipeline is a complex part to clean thoroughly. We have to give full play to mechanical action in order to improve cleaning effect as flow condition have a big influence. If the flow speed is too slow, the liquid will become easy to layer, then the flow speed starts to slow from center to margin. In this case, the dirt is really difficult to clean out. Therefore, we must guarantee high speed to form vortex when cleaning pipeline.

The relation between pipe diameter and cleaning liquid flow speed:
Pipe diameter                      flow speed
DN<50                            3-4m/s
50<DN<100                        2m/s
100<DN                           <1.5m/s

Besides, if there is T joint in straight pipeline, the flow speed should be increased to reach minimum washing intensity, 1.5m/s. So, the pipeline after flash pasteurizing or sterilization filtering had better remove T joint. If we have to equip T joint, please keep the joint as short as possible and near to main pipeline so as to avoid dead corner. Also, the flow direction of cleaning liquid and mash/wort/beer should be contrary for better cleaning.

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