How to add yeast to beer?

helen 2017-05-03

How to add yeast to beer?

1)Dry addition: Add suitable cooled wort in yeast feeder, then add required amount yeast slurry(about 0.6%-0.8%)to yeast feeder, mix wort and yeast, press mixture to fermentation tanks by sterile compressed air.

2)Wet addition: Mix required amount yeast and part of wort(10-15℃) in yeast feeder and keep this temperature and activate yeast. Then press mixture to fermentation tanks by sterile compressed air.

3)Partition method:This method is used for propagating first generation yeast or yeast lack supply.
Add all yeast to yeast feeder, and add wort until full, multiply 20-24h. Divide the tank to two tank and fulfill the two tanks. The wort temperature added in the second time should be equal or little higher than
The first added wort to avoid prohibiting yeast activity. The divide time should be the time that yeast reach a density of (5-10)x10^6 cell/ml.
Normally wet addition is better than dry addition as the yeast in wet addition have a shorter yeast adjusting period.

4)Continuous adding method: Ventilate and yeast feeding in a same equipment. The adding quantities should be adjusted by VFD. We just need to control the expect yeast cell quantities and air/ml wort.

5) Addition decouple design method
Add wort to fermentation tank that already start fermenting. But we should keep a similar temperature wort as fermenting wort. Enough Ventilate should be enough for this method.

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