Corn in craft beer brewing

helen 2017-09-22

Corn in craft beer brewing
In craft beer brewing, a secondary starch source (an adjunct) may be used, such as maize (corn), rice or sugar. Here, let us learn together why and how corn is used for beer brewing.

Why is corn used for beer brewing?
1.The starch source in corn is easy to cook and mash.
2.The beer brewed with corn is mouthful and has special aroma. 3.The corn does not contain anthocyanin which would case beer cloudy, which is beneficial to beer storing.

How is corn used for beer brewing?
When the corn is used as secondary starch source for beer brewing, there are three types for your choice. The first is corn particles. The husk would removed firstly, then the corn is grinded to particles and dry to 12%-14% water content. The second is cornflakes. The corn would be pitched between two rollers with high temperature and pressed. During pressing, the starch source is be cooked. The third is corn starch. Remove embryo and protein. Just remain corn starch which is easy to amylolysis.

During brewing, there are two points the brewmaster should concern particularly. One is the corn must be removed embryo as embryo has amount of fat. It is easy to oxidize and go bad, which would affect beer flavor, foam etc directly. Besides, the corn husk would be removed together with embryo so it will alleviate beer bitterness accordingly. Another is we had better use new corn. It is because the fat content in embryo would increase during storing. For example, the fat content can be up to 2.5%-5% after 1-2 year storing. However, the normal fat content should be 1.5%-3%. If the embryo is not removed thoroughly, it will affect beer quality.

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