Are the fermenters suitable being outside?

helen 2017-06-10

Are the fermenters suitable being outside?

Usually some customers ask, if the fermenters are suitable being outside, and the temperature in winter may under -10℃, should we take some special actions for tanks?

We answer it is OK to fermenting outside. In most cases, the brew master will put fermenters inside of the premises with brewhouse for convenient operating. But there still have many brewery install the fermenters outdoor due to ceiling height limitation etc. Then why it is suitable being outside?

1)Base on our standard configuration for tanks, we use SUS304 for interior shell(3mm) and exterior shell(2mm).Also together with spare parts are SUS304 for example safe valve,butterfly valve etc. So it will not influence by weather or raining etc.

2)Besides we will do 80mm insulation(polyurethane) for fermenters, it will have a good insulation effect and everything will be OK.

If the temperate is extremely lower, what should we do for meeting the demands?
Then we think it is OK to configure heating method for the tanks. So when the relief valve or others freezing, we can heat it.

We are glad to listen your ideas.

Edited by Derrick
Sales Manager in Tiantai Company

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