Finland 50HL /5000L Brewery equipment is just shipped

Ray Lee 2017-08-17

Finland 50HL /5000L Brewery equipment is just shipped

Good news! A 50HL Brewery equipment system for our Finland customer has just finished and just shipped!

It is a 4 vessel brewhouse and with double volume cold liquor tank and Hot liquor tank.

The cold liquor tank will be used to cool the wort and then the water after heat exchanger will be receovered
to hot liquor tank. it is a semi-automatic control with pneumatic valve for brewhouse equipment. 

The controller is PLC type control.

The Rake is automatic lift type which can move up and down and also can remove the spent grain easily. 

The fermentation tank is 100HL volume. 

1000L CIP system with 3 tanks: caustic liquid, Acid liquid and sterilized water. 

Any questions, please feel free to contact with us

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