Direct fire heated micro beer brewery before delivery

helen 2016-09-13

Direct fire heated micro beer brewery before delivery

One complete set of 5BBL ( equal to 600L) micro beer brewery system finished production and passed the final test in our workshop. Now these beautiful beer brewing tanks are waiting for delivery..

The 5BBL beer brewhouse based on combined two vessel: Mash/Lauter/Whirlpool Tun + Brew kettle + HLT.
Just mean one combined vessel of Mash/Lauter Tun on top and Whirlpool tun on bottom. And one separate vessel of brewkettle. The mashing process can also be done in the kettle. The HLT makes the whole beer equipment more flexible, it help to offer enough hot water for mashing, sparging and tanks cleaning etc. It also can recycle hot water from the heat exchanger which will help to saves you some energy especially for brewing two batches per day.

We also can customize for you if you have you own ideas, welcome to contact us for your brewing dream!

direct fire heated micro beer brewery

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