The structural features of the whirlpool tank

helen 2017-09-22

The structural features of the whirlpool tank

We all know the whirlpool tun is the most commonly used device for separating the hot break. It is easily for operation and with a better separating result compared with other equipment. The hot wort will be pumped into the whirlpool tun along the tangential whirlpool inlet and form a swirling flow. Under the influence of the gravity and the centripetal force, the hot break particle deposited in the bottom center of the whirlpool tun.

1.The whirlpool tank is a cylindrical vessel with flat bottom, the gradient of the outlet at about 1-2%. The tangential inlet mostly located on the 1/3 height of the tank body. Sometimes it is available to have two inlets for a better whirlpooling result.
2.Generally there will be 2-3 outlets, the upper outlet at 1/2-1/3 height of the liquid; the main outlet at nearly 1/10; and the bottom outlet located on the bottom of the tank. The flow speed should be pay attention when the valve is opened, the faster flow speed may will broken the sediment.
3.The ratio of the wort level to the tank diameter mostly at 1:2~3.
4.The tank inside should be totally smoothly and without any other extra devices such as the cooling coil, stair or inside jut manhole etc.

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