The necessary equipment for beer brewhouse to save labor

helen 2017-09-22

The necessary equipment for beer brewhouse to save labor

It is important thing to save the labor and time in beer equipment brewing, so more and more brewmasters prefer high automation level equipment. For example add PLC control and pneumatic valves into brewhouse, so the brewmaster do not need to up/down stairs to operate the valves. But there also have some thing which is basic need to do to save labor especially for bigger capacity brewhouse.

We need to crush the malt and transfer the crushed malt for brewing, for bigger capacity brewhouse which need much malt, it will take much labor to transfer by manual.

For example 2000L brewhosue, if we brew the beer malt with water ratio 1:3, we need about 500kg malt. The crushed malt after mixed with water, the weight more than 900kg.
(we learned from book the crushed malt after mixed with water weight will be enlarge 1.8 times). Some brewmasters calculate as 2 times. It is difficult to under for normal people. So we think add flexible auger(conveyor) to transfer the malt to take place labor.

Normally the flexible auger will match use with hopper and hydrator. 
The hopper is used for storaging the malt, as we calculate, the hopper capacity 1500L is OK.(two batches capacity). So we can transfer the malt by conveyor one time when finish crushing.
And the hopper have two types according to our standard configuration:45°cone hopper and 90° cone hopper. And it need certain height.(45° cone hopper is higher). Besides we think 45°cone hopper has better flow than 90°cone hopper.

As to the hydrator, it has spray nozzle inside which connect with water tap, so it can spray the water to welt the malt for pre-mashing.
Also the hydrator have two types:
One is stainless steel, another one is glass. The glass one can see inside situation directly.

This is basic demands for bigger capacity brewhouse, also we can add others design into project, for example level senor, weight sensor etc, which also helps save labor.

We are welcome your ideas.

Edited by Derrick
Sales Manager in Tiantai Company

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