Micro Brewery Malt Feeding Solution

helen 2018-03-31

Micro Brewery Malt Feeding Solution

In microbrewery, for saving labor, some brewers ask an auger and silo to transfer the milled malt to the mash tun. Normally, the connection is as showed below.
The silo/hopper is mounted over the mash tun, and connected with a hydrator.
So the brewer can mill in advance and store the milled gain in the hopper, and then feed the grain at one time. It ensures that all the grain start to mash at same time.
Since the silo increase the total heat of the brewhouse, the ceiling should be high enough to fit that.

But some time, the ceiling is limited, so the above solution is not suitable.
We need to remove the hopper from the top of the mash tun to reduce the height of the mash tun.
We need to put a hopper on ground.
The cost will be higher as one extra auger is added.

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