Dry crushing method during malt milling

helen 2017-09-22

Dry crushing method during malt milling

Dry crushing is the most traditional way that are popular used in micro breweries. The roller distance generally could be modulated according to the pulverizability and the capacity of the miller, the milled malt could be saved in the hopper.
The dry crushing miller is easily for operation, but also with some disadvantages during usage. Mostly is that pulverizability is difficult to be controlled because of the changes of the water content of the malt. So generally the water content of the malt better at 6-8%. If it exceed 8%, the malt will be easily milled to flakiness instead of powder; but if the water content less than 6%, the skin of barley will be easily broken into powder, which is not good for a good grain bed for wort lautering.
Advantages of dry crushing:
(1). Lower requirements for miller machine, easily for operation
(2). Lower current consuming
(3). The drier of the endosperm, the better of the milling result.
(4). Drier milled malt help to prolong the storage time
(5). The skin of the barley and power could be separated and feeding separately.
Disadvantages of dry crushing:
(1). The milling room better separated with the brewing room, the hopper and silo etc will cause a higher budget
(2). The skin of the barley easily broken
(3). More dust, with a risk of explosion
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