500L/hr Candle type DE Filter

Ray Lee 2016-11-14

500L/hr Candle type DE Filter

1. Brief introduction

The candle type filter machine is an efficient filter designed by our equipment, the candle type filter is a multipurpose filters which brings in, digest and absorb the German technology. The filter has international advanced level, it is the ideal updating and upgrading product in the industry of beer, beverage. This machine adopts the diatomite to be filter aid. This machine has prefect tightness, steady performance, operating and maintenance easier, lower filter cost and longer service life, highly efficiency, it could extend the working time, and can be backflow washed easier.

2. Application

Beer, yellow wine, syrup, beverage, some chemical and biological industries

3. Filter principle

The system, adopting diatomite as medium and supported by filter candle sticks with special constructions, is a kind of filter system which makes the diatomite covering filter candle sticks and forms a filter layer. The type of machine contains front buffer equipment, main machine, back buffer equipment, beer reclaim, recovery device, fine filter, etc.

4. Feature

The material is stainless steel, no dead angle of hygiene residue, according with the requirement of GMP.
The filtering element-candle stick, is imported with original packaging, high precision.
Excellent in autoimmunization: PLC control, touch screen operation.
Constant flow filter, the demand of the diatomite is low.
Frequency conversion control of diatomite addition
The filter degree can be settled by automation with high filtration precision.

DE filter machine

5. Technology parameter

1 Kieselguhr Filter Capacity: 500kg/hr
Pressured candle type DE filter
Material: SUS304
Power: 1.2kw
Filter Area: 1.1M2
Quantity of Filter Sticks: 10pcs
Filter Stick D/L: 40/900mm
Filter Tank: Φ250mm
Working Pressure: 6bar
Kieselguhr Mixing Tank Size:Φ250x400mm
Centrifugal Pump: 0.75kw; Max 3.5M3/Hr
Metering Pump:0.18kw; 50liter/Hr; 6bar;
Flow Meter: <1.2ton/Hr
Electric control cabinet
Pressure Gauge
Size: 1200x600x1500mm
Complete valves, fittings and all parts

membrane filter DE Filter diatomaceous earth filter
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