A Red Copper Brewery in Italy

tiantai 2016-04-14

A Beautiful Red Copper Brewery in Bibbiena Town, Italy

“ Jingle Bells , Jingle Bells, Jingle All the way.......”
Along with the Bells, we arrives a beautiful Space: Bibbiena. 

brewery equipment europe

brewery equipment italy

Part 1:
Well, do you know Bibbiena?

Bibbiena is a famous town and comune in the province of Arezzo, Tuscany (Italy), the largest town in the valley of Casentino. The town is on top of a hill at an elevation of 425 metres (1,394 ft).
It is quiet, calm and beautiful.

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set up brewery italy

It is quite Proud that we have established a brewery in this beautiful town.
It is a long story. For our first email is from the July, 2013.
And the first email of Italian language.
“buon giorno,
grazie per la vs. mail ,
 abbiamo in corso la domanda per il progetto del birrificio, pertanto sara' ns. cura contattarvi appena avremo avuto i permessi necessari.
grazie buona giornata
Parri Giancarlo”
Sincerely speaking, do not know Italian at all!! But Google translate is a great tool.
So we have no problem to communicate with each other.

Part 2:
The layout design

brewery floor plan design

brewery blueprint

Part 3:
The Equipment manufactured in our old Factory in 2014

red copper brewhouse

Part 4:
The Brewery under construction

brewery in italy

build a brewery italy

brewery tanks shipping

Part 5:
The Installation finished and brewed the first batch of beer!

brewery in italy

find a brewery in italy

red copper brewery equipment

red copper mash tun

popular brewpub italy

craft brewery

The Beer is warmly welcomed!

Part 6:
The Great Team Brews the Beer! 

craft brewing equipment in italy

craft brewing system

craft beer machine

Welcome to Bibbiena and welcome to Tiantai!

Thanks for your reading!
Edited by Ivy

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