Auto Washing Machine

Ray Lee 2016-03-09

Auto Washing Machine

microbrewery double station keg rinser

Product description:
1. The auto washing machine is with steam sterilize is suit for stainless steel beer keg.
2. Two head washing capacity is 100-120 pcs/ is suit for brewery.
3.The controller is use SIEMENS  LOGO which adjust time easily.
4.All buttons and knobs is Schneider.
5.Whole machine use the stainless steel AISI304.All pipe welding use orbital weld-
ing system.pipe inside and outside are clean and sanitation.

Working procedure:
Pressing→air blowing/drain off→Water Washing→air blowing/drain off→hot soda→water washing→air blowing/to soda-water box→hot water washing→air blowing to water tank→steam sterilized→steam pressure sterilized→CO2 blowing/drain off→pure water→CO2 blowing/to hot water tank→CO2 pressure preparing→cylinder return

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